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We aim to send dynamic stimuli towards valuable changes in
society and the environment by sustainable investment.


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JUFA Management GmbH

Energie-Allee 1

55286 Wörrstadt 

Telefon: +49 (0) 6732.96 43 387
Telefax: +49 (0) 6732.96 43 391

DE, Wörrstadt, Außenbereich Hauptgebä

We intend to make a positive change and strengthen society and the environment with Christian values by viable long-term investment. Our areas of focus lie in investment and asset management for renewable energy, sustainable real-estate properties, company participations  with an emphasis on Israel.


We especially focus on major business influencers willing to take personal responsibility. We provide support and assistance for these individuals, encouraging sensible changes with sustainable incentives. We take an active, reliable and long-term approach in working with our partners. We aim to multiply our resources and results by working together


We hold to the following values in implementation:

  • Transparency and fairness

  • Integrity and authenticity

  • Reliability and commitment

  • Strength of implementation and continuity 

  • Down-to-earth solidity and dynamism

We are a family-run business. As such, we place importance on a respectful and humane approach towards one another.


The name JUFA is an abbreviation for the Jung Family. This is a reference to the Jung family that runs the enterprise. Family also refers to the emphasis on family spirit, and the joy of working in a team spanning generations. Apart from that, Jung – or “young” – also conveys our creativity, and our corresponding wish to remain young and dynamic

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